How to Activate SBI Debit Card For Online Transaction

Activating State Bank Debit Card Online Transaction: How to Activate SBI Debit Card Online Transaction. Activate sbi debit card for online transactions through net banking, YONO APP SMS, ATM

Activate SBI Debit Card

SBI (State Bank of India) Bank serves among the largest banking and financial institute in India. The bank provides multiple services to millions of users throughout the country through branches, ATMs, and digital services. Interested clients can easily register online or by visiting the bank branch. Once registered, every user receives a debit card/ ATM card for easy transactions. A debit card is an authorized banking document that helps bank users to send, withdraw or make different transactions.

Debit cards (ATM cards or check cards) are compatible with different services, such as internet banking, mobile banking, and other SBI bank platforms.Debit card helps the user to purchase or debit money from the bank account. This differs from credit cards that offer products/services on credit, payable in installments.

Before, debit cards were open to online transactions and international usage; however, due to money safety and curbing fraudulent cases. RBI instructs all banks to provide a deactivated online transaction feature by default. If the cardholder wishes to avail international usage or online transaction, they can activate the service through various pathways.

How to Activate SBI Debit Card Online Transaction

How to Activate SBI Debit Card Online Transaction

Ways to Activate SBI Debit Card

SBI Bank allows the customer to activate the service through the following modes:

  • Using SMS method
  • Calling SBI support desk (toll-free number)
  • Visiting ATM
  • Through internet banking service.
  • YONO app

How to Activate SBI Debit Card for Online Transactions Through Net Banking

  • Navigate to the SBI internet banking (onlinesbi) website page.
  • Enter your login credentials (user ID and password) to proceed to your account.
  • Choose the “e-service” tab to avail the “ATM card services” option.
  • Here the user should click the ATM PIN generation tab.
  • The system will request the user to log in using their profile password or OTP code.
  • Once logged in, choose the account number you wish to activatethe PIN that is linked to your debit card.
  • The user can also change the PIN of the existing card.
  • Next, enter two digits of the PIN (preferred digits), the system will send the other two to your mobile number.
  • To verify the details enter the four digits (your two numbers and the ones sent on your mobile number).
  • Confirm the process; to complete the process, the debit card user can operate the card using a new PIN.

How to Activate SBI Debit Card Using a Toll-Free Number

SBI Bank’s toll-free number is available throughout and offers different banking services. Debit card users can activate their cards using the steps below:

SBI toll-free numbers are 1800-425 3800 or 1800 112211

  • Using your registered mobile number, call any of the numbers above.
  • Next, press “1” for PIN generation.
  • Now, enter the last five digits of the debit card and the last five digits of your account number.
  • An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Go to the nearest SBI ATM, and swipe your card on the machine.
  • Click the “PIN change” option.
  • Enter the OTP (only valid for two days).
  • Next, create your preferred PIN and confirm to complete the activation process.

Activate SBI Debit Card Using the SMS Method

Steps to activate SBI Debit card using the SMS method

The SMS method is easy and available on all mobile phones. Open the SMS section and type the following:

  • PIN <space> last four digits of debit card < space> last four digits of account number > send to 567676.
  • The system will send an OTP to your registered mobile number.
  • Visit SBI ATM within two days.
  • Choose the “PIN change” tab and enter your OTP.
  • Next, create a new PIN and re-enter to confirm.

SBI Debit Card Activation Using YONO APP

SBI YONO app is an incredible mobile app that offers various SBI banking services. It works on Android and IOS devices; this allows users to access all banking services on their smartphones.

  • Visit the SBI YONO app on your smartphone.
  • Open the menu and press the “service request” option.
  • Click the ATM/Debit card service option and enter your profile password.
  • Next, select the “ATM/Debit card activation” option.
  • Enter your debit card number and press the next button.
  • Next, enter the OTP sent to your mobile number and proceed to create a new PIN.

SBI Debit Card Activation Using ATM

  • Go to the SBI ATM and insert your debit card.
  • Click the “PIN generation” tab and enter your account number.
  • Next, enter your mobile number to receive an OTP.
  • Remove the card, insert it again, and click the “PIN change” option.
  • Use the OTP attained earlier to verify the details.
  • Now, set a new PIN, and re-enter to confirm and complete the process.


  1. Why is the online transaction disabled on my debit card?

    All debit cards come with default settings for online transactions. The user needs to activate it using the above-mentioned methods.

  2. The OTP I received is not working?

    The OTP is only valid for two days; if the user visit’s the ATM after 48 hours, they need to start the process again.

  3. SBI Full Form

    State bank Of India

  4. How much time it takes to activate sbi debit card for online transaction

    2 -5 Minutes

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