How To Add Nominee in ICICI Bank Online (3 Ways)

3 Ways to Add nominee to your ICICI Bank Account. How To Add Nominee in ICICI Bank Online. How To Add Nominee In ICICI Bank Account By Visiting the Bank Branch. ADD Nominee in ICICI Account Through iMobile APP.

How to ADD Nominee in ICICI Bank Online

Your particular choice of nominee determines the management of your property and finances your long gone. Bank and financial institutions urge accountholder to select the best person with the right qualities for the nominee position. Nominee gets the privilege to acquire any account benefits after the account user passes on. The nominee will apply to the bank for fund transfer using a legal process. The bank verifies, approves, and disburses the funds and other benefits such as mutual funds, gold, money, etc…

How To Add Nominee in ICICI Bank Online
How To Add Nominee in ICICI Bank Online

ICICI Bank Nominee Details

The ICICI Bank recommends all customers add a nominee for their account. Every account should have one nominee based on the user’s preference. An account user can select a close relative such as parents, spouse, children. This doesn’t limit one from choosing a friend if they are trustworthy. Once selected, the bank will save the information for referral.

The user can add or remove a nominee anytime due to different reasons such as:

  • Trust issue
  • Death of nominee.
  • Illness (if the nominee gets severely sick and cannot qualify for the role).
  • Divorce

Steps for the Nominee to Claim From the Bank

After the death of the account user, the nominee has the right to claim funds or other benefits from the ICICI bank. The individual should provide the required items for the verification and approval process.

  • The nominee should avail of the death certificate of the account holder.
  • Nominee’s identity proof documents.
  • The user should fill out the claim form with all the required details. The form should be verified by:
  • Magistrate/judicial officer
  • A central or state government officer
  • Bank officer
  • Two referees

How To Add Nominee In ICICI Bank Account By Visiting the Bank Branch

Step by step to add a nominee to your ICICI Bank account by visiting the bank branch

  • Go to the nearest ICICI bank branch.
  • Ensure to carry the required proof and banking details for easy process.
  • Request the ICICI bank officer for the nomination form, namely the DA1 form.
  • Fill in all mandatory details:
  • Name of nominee
  • Relationship
  • Address
  • Mobile number

Account Details

  • Account number
  • Account name
  • Type of account.
  • Recheck the details and enter your signature.
  • Next, submit the form and attach the proof documents.
  • The ICICI bank will review the information and add the nominee after a few days.

How To Add Nominee in ICICI Bank Online

Step by step to add a nominee to your ICICI bank online

  1. Visit the ICICI net banking website portal link
  2. Enter your user ID and password to log in to your account.
  3. Next, click the “overview” option under the “personal details” tab.
  4. Select the “update” > “Nominee update” section.
  5. Next, choose your account number and select the “add nominee” tab.
  6. Key in the nominee’s name, relationship, age, and select the continue button.
  7. A new page will open confirm the details by selecting the confirm tab.
  8. The ICICI bank system will send an SMS and email to confirm the changes.

How to ADD Nominee in ICICI Account Through iMobile APP

Step by step to add a nominee to the ICICI account through the iMobile app

  • Get the ICICI mobile banking app on your smartphone.
  • Install and register the app required details to log in.
  • Select the “account services” option followed by the “add nominee” tab.
  • Next, fill out the nomination form with details such as:
    • Name
    • Relationship
    • Address
  • Recheck the information and submit it for processing.
  • The ICICI bank will verify the information and update the changes.


  1. How many nominees can an account holder have?

An account user can only have one nominee per account.

  1. How many times can an ICICI account user change their account nominee?

The account holder has the privilege to change or add nominee details anytime. There are no restrictions in changing the nominee on the ICICI account.

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