How to Block HDFC Debit Card, HDFC ATM Block Number

Step by step to block your HDFC debit card through mobile and online platform through Whatsapp, Mobile banking, net banking, phone banking, mycards, branch visiting. HDFC ATM Block Number

Banking and financial institutions globally are enhancing card and financial services security. To help curb the rising issues of cyber-attacks and money fraud. The move enables the clients to block their debit o credit cards from anywhere without visiting your bank branch. All Indian Banks and financial institutions highly embrace the security measure to guard customer details and funds. HDFC Bank is at the forefront of implementing effective measures to block cards if they suspect fraudulent activities instantly.

HDFC bank is utilizing mobile phone devices to help customers don banking services. The devices also assist users in blocking debit cards temporarily or permanently. One can also enable or disable several banking services such as international and domestic. However, HDFC debit card users have good reasons before blocking the card.

Block HDFC Debit Card

How to Block HDFC Debit Card, HDFC ATM Block Number
How to Block HDFC Debit Card full detailed procedure given below

Valid HDFC bank methods for blocking your debit card

The HDFC offers the following methods to help cardholders block their cards fast without visiting the bank branch.

  • Calling HDFC customer care
  • Through SMS method
  • Using the mobile banking app
  • Through HDFC internet banking service.

How to Block HDFC Debit Card by Calling HDFC Customer Care

HDFC bank has official contact numbers registered on the bank’s website portal. Debit card users can acquire the number for blocking services or other debit cards–related services.

  • Call the HDFC customer care number using your registered mobile number
  • The system will connect your call, now proceed to the tab “card blocking.”
  • Next, your call will be directed to the bank executive for further assistance.
  • You need to provide the last six digits of the debit card. Ensure to keep all other details private, even from the bank officer.
  • The executive will request for some reasons and also verify the card information.
  • The system will automatically block the card.

How to Block HDFC ATM Card via HDFC Mobile Banking APP

Blocking HDFC debit cards using a mobile banking app

  • First, download the HDFC mobile app on your smartphone device.
  • If you already have the app, open and enter your login credentials to proceed.
  • Select the menu icon > “PAY” tab >” cards” option on the page.
  • A new page will show; click the debit card your wish to block.
  • Next, click the “block” option and enter why you want to block the card.
  • The user can also enter remarks on the page and select the “Block Card” tab.
  • The system will verify the details and block the card instantly.

How to Block HDFC ATM Card via Net Banking

Step by step to block HDFC debit card using internet banking page

  1. Visit the internet banking web page link
  2. Open the login page to enter your username and password.
  3. Recheck the login details and click the “Continue” button.
  4. Key in the captcha code to verify and access the page.
  5. Next, click the “cards” tab under the debit card section.
  6. Select “requests” option > “debit card hotlisting” tab.
  7. Choose the debit card you want to block from the card list.
  8. Enter the reason you wish to block the card and select the “block” tab.
  9. The portal will immediately process the block request.

How to Block HDFC Debit Card by SMS

Full detailed process to block HDFC debit card through SMS method.

The SMS method is very simple and doesn’t need an internet connection. The user needs to use their registered mobile number to send the request.

  • Go to the SMS section on your mobile phone.
  • Type the message: BLOCK CARD <last six-digit numbers of your debit card >and send to 9223150150.
  • The bank will block the card and send a confirmation SMS to the registered mobile number.

HDFC ATM Block Number

HDFC Phone Banking numbers 1800 202 6161 & 1860 267 6161 (accessible across India). Customers who are travelling to abroad call to this number +9122 61606160


  1. What are the required details to help in the HDFC debit card blocking process?

The debit cardholder should have their registered mobile number, internet banking, mobile banking, or mobile phone using the SMS method. Ensure to have the correct login credentials.

  1. Do I have to provide reasons for blocking the card?

Yes, the user will provide or select the given reasons by the bank before blocking the credit card. The reason or remarks should be relevant for the bank to process the request.

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