How to Change/Update Date of Birth (DOB) in EPF UAN Portal Online

Ways to change or update Date of Birth in EPF. Update date of birth in epf account online. How to change date of birth in epf account online by employer. How to Change/Update Date of Birth (DOB) in EPF UAN Portal Online. You can update / correction of date of birth online in EPFO records

EPF Date of Birth Correction Online

To operate the PF account, the EPF member needs to provide complete KYC details. This helps verify the correct ownership of the funds and prevent fraud cases. The EPFO body allows EPF members to regularly check the account balances, profile details, or PF-related details. Today, the EPFO provides online services that eliminate the need to visit the HR offices or EPFO head office for any change.

It’s advisable to constantly update any contact or crucial details on the EPF account. The small details can prevent the account user from receiving their funds during retirement of partial withdrawals. The employee can utilize the online UAN EPFO website portal to correct the information. Note all information on the PF account should align with the Aadhaar database.

How to Change/Update Date of Birth in EPF UAN Portal Online
How to Change/Update Date of Birth in EPF UAN Portal Online, EPF Date of Birth Correction Online

Required Documents for Date of Birth Update in EPF UAN

The EPF member must present legal proof documents to verify the change or update request.

  • Applicant’s birth certificate from the Registrar of Births and Deaths.
  • Education certificates
  • Government-issued documents
  • If the user doesn’t have a birth certificate, they should issue any medical certificate from a recognized center or civil surgeon with an affidavit on oath from a court.
  • Aadhaar or e-Aadhaar card
  • Passport

How to Change/Update Date of Birth(DOB) in EPF UAN Portal Online

 Simple steps in changing your date of birth in EPF UAN online

  1. Open the EPFO unified Member portal link
  2. Enter your login details, UAN number, and password to continue.
  3. Next, proceed to the “manage” section and click the “modify basic details” option.
  4. Key in your Aadhaar number date of birth as indicated on the Aadhaar database.
  5. Click the Update button to change/modify the page will show the details you entered; if okay, you can proceed or make any edit.
  6. Here you can check the requestor’s status and cancel the request before the employer approves the details.
  7. Members whose UAN is Aadhaar verified cannot change the information. The page will provide a statement, “Aadhaar is already verified; your details aren’t editable.”
  8. Recheck the details and submit the changes for the employer to review and approve the request.

Employer’s Process

  • The employer will log in to the employer interface in the unified portal.
  • Here they can view the change/update requests sent by employees. The employer must click the “member >details changes request” tab.
  • The employer will approve the request or further authenticate the details. The submission will now appear in the task section for the EPFO officer to process further.
  • The officer will open the “manage >details change request” option to view the request. They will either approve or reject the request by clicking: recommended for approval or recommended for rejection tabs.
  • The supervisor will also provide consent and send it to the APFC/RPFC to get the final approval.


  1. How long does the approval process take?

The process goes for 7 working days for the employer and other officers to approve the changes; however, if there is any delay on can contact the HR office or EPFO to check the matter.

  1. What are the reasons for date of birth changes on the EPF account?

Most members change the date of birth if a mistake occurs during EPF registration. The error hinders the member from accessing their PF benefits.

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