How to Close FD in HDFC Bank Online

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Close Fixed Deposit in HDFC Online

Having a collective amount of money helps in better financial planning. Many people seek for safe accounts to invest and gain interest for future benefits. HDFC Bank India provides customers with a fixed deposit account to satisfy their financial interests. The banking facility allows the user to save money for a fixed period of 7 days to 10 years saving tenure based on the user’s preference. Once the account reaches maturity, the account user can withdraw the funds and interest gained.

HDFC Bank allows Fixed Deposit (FD) account holders to withdraw funds before or after maturity. For premature withdrawal, the user will not gain the interest set by the bank. HDFC customers with tax saver FD accounts cannot withdraw funds until maturity. However, if the account user requests the amount, the bank will charge a penalty for the premature withdrawal.

How to Close FD in HDFC Bank Online
How to Close FD in HDFC Bank Online

Closing an HDFC FD Account upon Maturity

Once the account attains the maturity period, the account user should fill out the FD discharge form. The form should be submitted one week before the maturity tenure to allow the bank to process the request. The bank will deposit the amount in your saving account through RTGS or NEFT service. Suppose the maturity date is a holiday; the bank will credit the amount in the next working day.

How to Close HDFC Fixed Deposit Account Before Maturity Tenure?

HDFC customers who wish to request their Fixed Deposit (FD) savings before the maturity date. They can use internet banking or mobile banking apps to withdraw funds. One can also visit the bank branch for help from the bank executives.

How to Close FD in HDFC Bank Using Net Banking

Step by Step procedure to Break HDFC Fixed Deposit using internet banking

  1. Visit the HDFC bank internet banking website link
  2. Open the login page and enter your username and password to log in.
  3. Select the “transact” option followed by the “liquidate fixed deposit” tab.
  4. A new page will open, click the “FD account” you wish to close.
  5. Next, select the saving account you want to credit the amount to.
  6. Review the details and the penalties for breaking the account before maturity. The page will show the total withdrawal amount credited to your saving account. 
  7. Click the “confirm” button to complete the request.

How to Break HDFC Fixed Deposit Using HDFC Mobile APP

Step by Step procedure to close HDFC FD account using a HDFC mobile banking app

  • Get the HDFC mobile banking app on your mobile device.
  • Enter the login details: username and password to proceed.
  • Click the menu icon to open various page options.
  • Select “save” > “deposits” options.
  • Choose the FD account on the page and tap the “break this deposit” option.
  • A new page will open displaying the total amount on the FD deposit account to be transferred.
  • The bank will credit the amount to your savings account. Note some penalty charges may apply as per the rules.
  • Review the details and press the “confirm” button.
  • Now, you can withdraw the funds from your savings account.

How to Close HDFC FD Account by Visiting The HDFC Bank Branch

An FD account user can visit the HDFC bank branch to close the account prematurely. Ensure to carry the required banking documents for easy process.

  • Go to the HDFC bank branch and request the premature withdrawal application form.
  • Enter the mandatory details such as bank accounts, FD account number, account user’s name, and more.
  • Review the information before submitting the form.
  • The bank executive will review and approve the request.
  • The amount will be credited to your savings account.


  1. Does the HDFC bank charge any penalty for FD premature withdrawal?

Yes, the HDFC bank charges account users a 1% interest rate for breaking the FD account prematurely.

  1. Can I partially withdraw from the HDFC FD account?

Yes, HDFC FD account users can withdraw part of the FD saving per the HDFC policies.

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