HDFC Credit Card Balance Check Number, SMS, Whatsapp, Net Banking

Effective ways to access your HDFC Bank CC Balance. HDFC Credit Card Balance Check through SMS, Whatsapp. HDFC Credit Card Balance Check Number 2024, SMS, Whatsapp. How to Check HDFC Bank CreditCard Balance at Net Banking

HDFC Credit Card

A credit card is a significant financial facility that allows users to purchase goods and services on credit. The card provides chances to shop for items without enough funds. Credit cards loan the user and offer simple payments terms. HDFC Bank India offers more than 20 credit cards to suit every eligible user. The cards are issued through an eligibility criteria process based on age, income, credit score, and more.

Qualified credit card applicants can utilize the card to purchase goods and services at different outlets. It’s easy to pay your credit card bill buy groceries and other monetary services. Each HDFC credit card has its unique features and limitation set by the bank. The HDFC bank allows all credit cardholders the privilege to check the progress on their credit card. One can access their credit card balance, outstanding loans, and more.

Effective Ways to Access Your HDFC Credit Card Balance

HDFC bank credit card users can get their balance through multiple pathways developed by the bank. Users with smart devices can use online platforms. This doesn’t limit card users without an internet connection or smartphone. The bank has set offline methods such as SMS, missed calls, or visiting the bank branch. All the modes are set for user convenience and avoid congestion at the bank. The pathways help save time and resources for cardholders.

HDFC Credit Card Balance Check Number, SMS, Whatsapp, Net Banking
HDFC Bank Credit Card Balance Check Number 2024, SMS, Whatsapp, Net Banking

HDFC Credit Card Balance Check Methods

The HDFC bank has the following modes for balance checks for a fast and effective process.

  • Through mobile app
  • Using internet banking service
  • Whatsapp service
  • Through SMS method
  • Calling customer support number.

The user should have the following details before checking the credit card balance:

  • Internet banking service
  • HDFC mobile app
  • Registered mobile number
  • Credit card details

HDFC Credit Card Balance Check Number

HDFC credit card balance check using customer support number

The HDFC bank customer care desk is always available to assist in any banking inquiry. The bank provides a simple toll-free number for all registered members. Credit card users can call the number 18002703311 or 18004254332. The user should make missed calls using their registered mobile number. The HDFC bank executive will assist in providing the credit card balance and other bank details. Note HDFC officer will request proof details before helping in the balance check process.

How to Check HDFC Credit Card Balance by Sending SMS

The SMS method is an offline method available to all HDFC bank customers. The credit card user should send the SMS via their registered mobile number.

  • Go to the SMS section on your mobile phone.
  • Type CCBAL < last four digits of the credit card number>send to 5676712.
  • The bank will process your balance request and send an SMS containing the available limit and outstanding balance.

How to Check HDFC Credit Card Balance Using Whatsapp

HDFC Whatsapp page is available to all registered customers. The bank allows users to check services such as Credit card balance using the steps below.

  1. The credit card user needs to save the HDFC Whatsapp number +917065970659 on the smartphone.
  2. Enter “Subscribe” on the page and click send button to subscribe for Whatsapp banking services.
  3. The page will send a message confirming the subscription request.
  4. Type “hi” to receive the main menu.
  5. Next, select the tab “credit card services” > “credit card summary” option.
  6. The system will request the last four digits of the credit card number.
  7. Enter the numbers and click send button.
  8. The page will review and process the details about the credit card.
  9. The user can check the balance, outstanding balance, and total card limit.

HDFC Credit Card Balance Check Using HDFC Mobile APP

Mobile banking is a simple mobile compatible app that allows HDFC bank customers to avail of all banking services.

  1. Get the HDFC bank mobile app on your smartphone.
  2. Register and set the login details to proceed.
  3. After registration, enter the login credentials to access the page.
  4. Click on the menu to open bank options.
  5. Select the “PAY” > “Cards” option to display your credit card on the screen.
  6. If the page doesn’t show the credit card, select the “Register credit card” option.
  7. Next, key in your card number, expiry date, and PIN.
  8. The page will process the credit card details and display them on the screen.
  9. Now, you can view the credit card balance, outstanding balance, and card limit.

How to Get HDFC Bank Credit Card Balance Using Net Banking

Internet banking services offer various HDFC bank services under a single platform. HDFC customers using internet banks can avail services through mobile or computer devices.

  1. Go to the HDFC bank internet banking website portal using the link
  2. New users can register through the bank website and provide their banking details to proceed.
  3. Enter your login username and password to access the page.
  4. Select “cards” > “credit cards” option.
  5. Next, select the “card summary” tab to view the GDFC credit card details.
  6. Here the user can access credit card balance, outstanding balance, and other details.


  1. Why can’t I receive my HDFC credit card balance with my new mobile number?

Any banking operation should be conducted with the registered mobile number. Meaning you should request the credit card balance using the mobile number you registered with the bank. HDFC has set several platforms for the mobile number change process. However, you must register the number with the bank to get HDFC bank details.

  1. How else can I get my credit card balance if the above process doesn’t work?

The mentioned methods are valid pathways set by the bank to help balance check. They are easy to operate using your mobile phone. This reduces the need to visit the bank branch. However, one can visit the bank to request any bank service.

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