How to Close ICICI Credit Card Online & Offline Step-by-Step

ICICI Credit card cancel/ close process, online or offline by calling customer care, cancellation form, email, and online request. How to Close or Cancel ICICI Credit Card

What if I don’t cancel my ICICI credit card?

There are some situations in which the person has to cancel the credit card. But, piercing the credit card into pieces is not the solution to cancel/close the credit card. It is necessary to close the credit card in the right process. Otherwise, you will be charged unknowingly and lose in many ways. Moreover, your credit score can be decreased. Also, you may be charged with unknown penalties for violations. So, you should cancel the credit card in the right way. In this article, we will guide you through the right process to close the ICICI credit card.

How to Close ICICI Credit Card

how to close icici credit card
ICICI bank credit card cancellation

Things to Remember before closing the ICICI Credit Card

Before initializing the cancellation process, you need to remember certain things. Below is the list of points that you need to remember before the credit card cancellation process:

  • Pay previous overdue payments: Clear all the payment dues and EMIs on the credit card. Without clearing the payment dues, you can’t cancel your credit card.
  • Take mini statement: take a print or picture of the mini-statement of your credit card.
  • Redeem the reward points: Check the credit card points and reddem them before cancellation.
  • Don’t use your card furtherly: Do not use the credit card for any purchases if you deceided to cancel your credit card.
  • Stop automatic payments from this card: Stop all the online automatic subscription payments.
  • Double-check payment dues: Cross-check the overdues and clear them all.

ICICI Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number

This is a safe and secure process to cancel the ICICI credit card. They could guide you step-by-step process to cancel your credit card. Simply raise a request to cancel your credit card to customer care. There are no charges to avail of this service. All you need is to call customer care and raise a request.

ICICI Credit Card Cancel Request Toll-Free Number 1800-200-8181

Once the customer made a request to cancel the credit card. The executive will call you within a few hours and guide you step by step process. They may ask you for some information to confirm that it’s yourself raising the cancellation request. After that process, another team will call you back or send you the status of the request.

ICICI Bank Credit Card Cancellation Form

ICICI bank credit card block

The account holder can submit the credit card cancellation form to close the credit card. The customer can download the request from the official website of ICICI at Simply download the cancellation form and fill it in with your details. You need to provide details like Credit card number, Reason for cancellation, Account holder name, City, Mobile Number, Email, and Signature. Moreover, you have to scan the document once you provided all details.

Once the cancellation request has been made, you will get a phone call from ICICI Bank. This process takes time (estimated 3 days). Tell him the details and confirm the cancellation request. After the confirmation, your credit card will be deactivated within 7 days. And you no longer use the credit card for payments or purchases.

ICICI Bank Customer Care Email id

This process may take time. So, choose this method if the above are unable to do. Simply, download the ICICI credit card cancellation form from the official website. Or else, mention the credit card details and reason for credit card cancellation in email. Then, send the email to the ICICI branch. After that, the executive will call you and explain the cancellation process.


This article explains to you how to cancel the ICICI bank credit card. Follow the step by step to raise a request to cancel your ICICI credit card either online or offline. For more information visit our website. If you still have any queries? then let us know through the comments.

FAQ about How to Close/ Cancel ICICI Credit Card?

  1. How can I close the ICICI credit card?

    If you want to close a credit card? then make a cancellation request by calling customer care or submitting the cancellation form.

  2. How do I know the ICICI credit card cancellation status?

    Yes, you can know the ICICI credit card cancellation by calling customer care.

  3. Can I cancel my ICICI bank credit card online?

    Yes, you can go through the official ICICI bank website to cancel your credit card.

  4. Can I reactivate my ICICI bank credit card?

    Yes, you can reactivate your ICICI bank credit card by calling the toll-free number 1800-200-8181.

  5. Will my credit score decrease if I cancel my ICICI credit card?

    Yes, the cancellation of the credit card may affect the credit score.

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