How to Increase ICICI Credit Card Limit

Guide on ICICI bank credit card limit: ways to increase credit card limit. How to Increase ICICI Credit Card Limit through SMS, Net banking, Offline, Customer care. ICICI Credit Card Limit Increase Through iMobile APP

ICICI Bank Credit Card

Credit cards are versatile banking facilities that allow users to conduct multiple money activities on credit. The cardholder can shop, travel, pay bills using a single credit card. The best part about credit cards is that they allow the cardholder to earn reward points convertible to remarkable prizes. The credit card facility helps the user to shop without physical cash. The users refund the amount on agreed terms as directed by the credit provider.

ICICI Bank India generates different credit cards to suit all users’ needs. Each card holds a particular limit as per the ICICI bank policies. However, all cards are unique and provide customers with excellent benefits. Credit cardholders have the privilege to increase their usage limit or card limit using various tips such as proper card usage, paying their credit bills, and keeping good credit scores. One can also request an increase through ICICI online and offline banking facilities.

ICICI Credit Card Limit Increase

How to Increase ICICI Credit Card Limit through sms, imobile app, net banking
How to Increase ICICI Credit Card Limit through sms, imobile app, net banking

Factors determining your ICICI Credit Card Limit

To acquire a credit card requires the applicant to fulfil some eligibility criteria such as age, income, keeping good credit history, and more. Once you achieve the requirements, you will receive a credit card corresponding to the criteria. If the user wishes to increase their credit card limit, they need to check on the following factors:

  • Credit score/history

Your credit history helps the bank determine the type of credit card to issue and limit for your card. A good credit card score shows you’re capable of repaying your credit loans on time.

  • Income and debts

Before the bank issues a credit card, it evaluates the applicant’s debts and income sources. If debts are higher than the income, the credit card limit will be lower. However, if your debts are lower and your income higher, the same will apply to the card limit.

  • Limits on other credit cards

Banks can trace your credit score details and banking information. ICICI Bank can check the credit limit of your other cards from other banks and determine the card limit.

Types of Credit card limits

Credit cards have three limits that are interlinked and significant to the user.

  • The total credit card limit

This is the maximum amount or limit offered on the user’s credit card. It’s the allocated amount on your card by the bank. The total limit reduces as cardholders use the card for any transaction. The amount is restored as you start paying the credit card debts.

  • Available credit card limit

The available credit card limit is the amount on the card on any specific day. It is the amount remaining from the total limit after usage. For example, if your total credit limit is Rs 1 lakh and you spend Rs. 60, 000 your available balance is Rs. 40 000.

  • Available credit card cash limit

The cash limit is attached to the total credit card limit. It’s an emergency product set by the bank on all credit cards. The ICICI bank provides a cash limit of 20% to 40 %of the total credit card limit. However, cash withdrawal attracts a separate charge as the bank’s rules.

Methods to Increase Your ICICI Credit Card Limit

  • Using SMS
  • Through mobile banking app
  • Using the ICICI net banking
  • Sending an email to ICICI customer support.

How to Increase ICICI Credit Card Limit By Sending SMS

Step by step to increase the ICICI credit card limit by sending SMS

  • Open the SMS sections and type the following details.
  • CRLIM <last 4digits of the credit card >send to 5676766
  • The bank will process your request and SMS about the credit limit.
  • The SMS will indicate whether you’re eligible for the increment.
  • If not, you will receive an SMS indicating “you are not currently eligible for limit enhancement.”

ICICI Credit Card Limit Increase Through iMobile APP

Steps to increase credit card limit through iMobile app

  • Get the iMobile app on your smartphone and complete the registration process to proceed.
  • Next, open the iMobile app login page and enter the login PIN to access the account.
  • Click “My cards”> choose the credit card you wish to increase the limit.
  • Next, click “manage card” > “manage credit limit” options.
  • Using your cursor drag the pointer to increase the limit on your card.
  • If the user is eligible for increment, the page will show more in the available limit and current limit section.

Increase ICICI Credit Card Limit Using Net Banking

Increasing ICICI credit card limit using internet banking service

  1. Go to the ICICI net banking page link
  2. Open the login page and enter your username and password to access the page.
  3. Next, select “cards and loans” > choose the credit card you wish to get more limit.
  4. Proceed to the “manage your card” > “edit” option under the “manage credit card limits” section.
  5. Key in your desired credit limit to continue.
  6. The system will send an OTP to your registered mobile number.
  7. Use the OTP code to verify the details and click submit button.
  8. If you qualify for an increase, the system will show a high amount on the maximum available credit limit than the existing limit.

How to increase ICICI credit card limit by sending an email to the customer support

The applicant can email the ICICI customer care for an increase. The user should provide an income proof document to the bank during the request.

  • The applicant should send the increment request email to:
  • The ICICI bank will send a service reference number from the bank.
  • After a few days, the bank will request income proof documents.
  • The ICICI bank executives will verify the details and approve or disapprove the request.


  1. What are the best tips to increase your credit card limit?
  • Credit card user can increase their credit score.
  • Getting income proof documents
  • Ensure to pay your credit card dues
  • Applicants should avoid using the whole credit limit.

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