How to Withdraw Cash from SBI ATM Without A Debit Card?

SBI OTP-based ATM cash withdrawal: Cardless Cash Withdrawal at ATMs from SBI. Full detailed info about Withdraw Cash from SBI ATM Without ATM Card given below. Easy steps on how to withdraw money from the ATM without a card. How to Withdraw Money From SBI ATM Without a Debit Card

SBI Cardless Withdrawal

Digital transformation greatly impacts different fields, including the banking sector. Today bank customers can transact funds without physically appearing at the bank. Their mobile and computer gadgets are the best banking facilities. The innovations give account holders the ability to send and receive funds without an ATM card. Most Indian banks have embraced the services and provided customers with simple transaction steps to complete the cardless cash process.

How to Withdraw Cash from SBI ATM Without A Debit Card?
How to Withdraw Cash from SBI ATM Without A Debit Card?

How to Withdraw Cash from SBI ATM Without A Debit Card?

The SBI Bank provides various banking facilities that allow users to access different services. The SBI YONO app or website is compatible with mobile devices.

  1. Go to the SBI YONO app on your mobile number.
  2. Enter your username and password to log in.
  3. Next, click the “YONO cash” option followed by the “ATM” tab on the menu.
  4. Choose the account you wish to debit and enter the amount to withdraw.
  5. The system allows the user to transact 20,000 for every transaction in multiple Rs. 100.
  6. Proceed to the new page and key in your preferred PIN.
  7. Review the information and agree to the term and conditions presented on the page.
  8. Select “confirm” to submit the transfer request to SBI bank.
  9. The bank will process the request and send an OTP code to your registered mobile number with the bank or YONO app.
  10. Now visit the SBI ATM within 4 hours to complete the transaction.
  11. Click “cardless transactions” > YONO cash tab to continue.
  12. Now enter the transaction number sent on your registered number and PIN you created earlier.
  13. The system will verify the details and authorize the transaction.
  14. Now, you can take the cash to the ATM
  15. The process is free for SBI bank users.

Note the same process applies to all banks providing cardless cash withdrawal services.The bank customer should check their particular bank charges and time limit if the beneficiary doesn’t withdraw the funds within the designated time. The system will automatically refund the money bank to the sender’s account.


  1. Will the bank refund the transaction charges if the beneficiary doesn’t withdraw the funds?

The bank only refunds the amount sent but not the transaction charges. Ensure to alert the beneficiary to withdraw the money before the expiry time.

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