Few Ways to Get IDFC First Bank Customer ID Number

How to access your Customer ID in IDFC First Bank. Few Ways to Get IDFC First Bank Customer ID Number. IDFC First Bank Customer ID Recovery by Calling Customer Care, Visiting the Bank, Welcome Kit, Net Banking, IDFC First Bank APP.

IDFC First Bank Customer ID

Banking details are pretty sensitive and require high-end security. Banks and financial institutions provide unique account numbers and identifiers to all customers. Every customer gets a different account number and customer ID to keep the bank information safe. The details allow one to access their account freely from any device. The customer ID number is a legal number developed by the bank for each registered customer.

It’s a unique identifier that holds the account user information such as loan, credit card details, balance, statements, and more. The customer ID significantly helps the bank trace user’s loan information fast. It’s also a login credential for net banking and mobile banking platforms. The IDFC First Bank, a famous banking sector in India, offers all registered customers customer IDs for their accounts. The ID is accessible in different banking facilities, making it easy to trace.

However, if the account user forgets their customer ID, they can avail it from banking facilities such as passbook, internet banking portal, mobile app, and more. Every IDFC First bank account user should remember their customer ID to operate various IDFC bank services. To retrieve a forgotten customer ID, the user can follow this guide.

How to Get Customer ID in IDFC First Bank

IDFC First Bank Customer ID Number

Ways to get the IDFC First bank customer ID

  • Through IDFC bank welcome kit
  • Using internet banking
  • Using IDFC First bank mobile app
  • From the account statement.
  • Calling customer care
  • By visiting the bank branch
  • Using passbook

How to Check IDFC First Bank Customer Id Using Bank Passbook

How to Get IDFC First Bank Customer ID Using Bank Passbook

The IDFC First bank issues the passbook facility to the customer during the account opening process. The passbook contains all banking information from account number, account name, branch, IFSC code, and customer ID. To access the details, open the first page of the passbook. You can copy and save the customer ID on different platforms or place for easy reference.

IDFC First Bank Customer ID Recovery by Calling Customer Care

The IDFC First bank customer care desk is open to all members. It’s easy to access your customer ID by calling 1800 418 4332 (India) and 022 62485152 (NRIs).The bank executive will request verification details such as name, date of birth, registered mobile number, account number, etc.

How to Retrieve Your IDFC First bank Customer ID by Visiting the Bank

The IDFC first bank customer can also visit the nearest bank branch and request their customer ID. The bank officer will request authentication details before proving the customer ID.

IDFC First Bank Customer ID Using the Welcome Kit

Once individuals register an account with IDFC bank, they receive a welcome kit. The kit holds all information related to the user’s bank account. The account user will find their customer ID copy or save it for reference among the details.

How to Get IDFC First Bank Customer ID Using Net Banking

The net banking platforms allow account users to bank at the comfort of their homes or offices. It’s a comprehensive portal that holds all IDFC First bank account details. The user must provide a customer ID, username, and password to log in.

  • Visit the IDFC First bank website portal https://my.idfcfirstbank.com/login
  • Open the login page and enter your username and password to access the page.
  • Once login, check the left side of the screen to view the account user’s name and customer ID details.

How To Get Customer ID In IDFC First Bank APP

Step by step to Access IDFC First bank Customer ID Using Mobile Banking APP

  • Download the IDFC First bank mobile app on your smartphone
  • Install and register to access the app.
  • Enter your login PIN and proceed to the left side of the screen.
  • The page will show the account user’s name and customer ID.

Retrieving IDFC First bank customer ID from the account statement and E-statement


An IDFC First bank customer can opt for monthly e-statements from the bank. The customer needs to register for the service. The e-statement shows account data such as the accountholder’s name, account number, customer ID, branch, and more.

Account statement

  • The account user can download their IDFC First bank account statement using different platforms.
  • Request the statement to send the statement to the registered email ID.
  • Next, open the email to view the information.
  • Check for the customer ID from the downloaded account statement.

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  1. What is customer ID?

Customer ID is a number developed by the bank for every registered member. The number is unique to the members and holds the user banking information.

  1. How many customer IDs should one have?

The bank provides only one customer ID to an individual customer. This applies even to the customer with multiple accounts. The customer ID will cover all accounts under the account holder.

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