How to Change Address in Kotak Bank Account, Kotak Credit Card

Online ways to change your Kotak Bank account address: changing your credit card address. Kotak Bank Address Change Without Aadhaar Card. How to Change Address in Kotak Bank Account, Change Address in Kotak Credit Card.

How to Change Address in Kotak Bank

Mailing address or physical address seem as an outdated way of communication due to the digital eruption globally. However, address is a significant feature in the banking sector and a compulsory requirement during bank account opening. The account user should provide the correct address to help communicate, such as sending credit and debit cards, sending reward points packages, bank-related documents, and more.

The account holder needs to provide an address in different banking facilities, including credit card services. The user must update the bank account or credit card details once any change applies. Address update is pretty significant and requires the user to inform the bank of any updates.

Kotak Bank India has developed easy ways to help customers update their KYC details online. Kotak Bank customers don’t require to visit the branch for several account updates. However, once the user changes the KYC, they cannot update again unless they visit the bank for more help. To add a new address, the account holder can use their net banking service to complete the process. However, this doesn’t limit users from using the offline mode to access Kotak Bank services.

How to Change Address in Kotak Bank Account, Kotak Credit Card
Change Address in Kotak Bank Account, Kotak Credit Card

Required Documents for residential address change and credit card address change

  • Passport
  • Aadhaar card
  • NREGA job card
  • Driving license
  • Voter ID
  • A legal letter from the National Population Register.
  • Ration card
  • Utility bills such as electricity
  • Lease of agreement
  • Sale deed

Details required for online process

Before proceeding with the online (net banking) process, the account user needs the following details:

  • A registered mobile number
  • CRN
  • Aadhaar number

How to Change/Update Address on Kotak Bank credit card

Step by step to change / update the mailing address for your Kotak Bank credit card

  1. Go to the Kotak Bank net banking website portal link
  2. Enter your login credentials (username and password) to access the page.
  3. Proceed to the “take me directly to” option and select the “profile” tab.
  4. Next, enter the DAC or digital signature and press the “secure login” option.
  5. Continue to the “profile and update contact details” option.
  6. Press the “add/edit” button to update your mailing address.
  7. The portal will request proof of residence before changing the address.
  8. Select any of the documents mentioned above and upload them on the portal.
  9. Now, update the address and save the details before leaving the page.
  10. The bank will verify the details and update the changes. A confirmation message will be sent to your registered mobile number stating the new address.

How to Update or Change Address in Kotak Bank Account

Detailed process to update/change your Kotak Bank account address

  • Open the Kotak Bank net banking web page and enter your CRN, password, and OTP code.
  • Once logged in, click “update contact details” and select the “edit” button next to the address option.
  • Click “update address using Aadhaar number and OTP and click “next” tab.
  • The system will get your Aadhaar number automatically.
  • Next, click the “Send OTP” option and click the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions.
  • An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number; enter the code and click submit button.
  • The bank will display the registered address with Aadhaar. Now, add your new address and select the “update address” option.
  • The system will verify the details and show a success icon and your request ID on the screen.

Kotak Bank Address Change Without Aadhaar Card

Changing address in Kotak Bank without Aadhaar card

  • Login to your Kotak Bank net banking link.
  • Click “update personal details” > “edit” button.
  • Next, select “update address by uploading address proof” > “next” button.
  • Enter your preferred proof details and upload in PDF format.
  • Select the “submit” tab to upload. The page will send a request number for reference.
  • The bank will update the request within seven days and send a confirmation message.

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  1. How long will the update process take after submitting the request?

The bank takes different durations based on the method used to send the request. The process can be instant or after seven working days.

  1. Can I change my Kotak Bank address offline?

Yes, account holders can change any banking details offline by visiting the bank branch. However, the user requires several proof documents during the visit.

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