Lalitha Jewellery Gold Scheme Details & Benefits Online Payment

2023 Lalitha Jewellery Scheme Gold Chit Online Payment at SBI Collect. Lalithaa Jewellery Scheme Details & Benefits Online Payment & Lalitha jewellery 11 month scheme online payment at

Best of Lalitha Jewellery Gold Schemes: Jewellery, especially Gold, dignifies the user and offers a glamorous look. Gold fits in with multiple outfits leaving a remarkable and exquisite outcome. India is a home of Jewellery lovers, with many families offering Gold, silver, and other exclusive jewels as gifts. It’s the norm for women to wear gold with beautiful, classy apparel to define their beauty.

Lalitha Jewellery

The jewellery hub has attracted many companies, all selling unique items. Lalithaa Jewellery is among the top-best and most trusted manufacturers of jewel and silver artefacts. The Company provides various designs to fit all economic classes. Lalithaa is known for gold, diamond, and platinum jewels which are classified as top-notch and genuine jewellery.

Lalitha Jewellery Establishment

Lalithaa Jewellery is the pride of India; the Company was established in 1985 by the famous Kiran Kumar. Lalitha has overly helped Indian residents acquire the best jewellery at affordable prices. The establishment started in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and has spread across many states in India, like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, and Pondicherry.

Available Lalitha Gold designs

The Company has multiple gold collections and designs to suit various occasions and places.

  • Temple collections
  • Polki gold collections
  • Antique jewellery
  • Kolkata jewel
  • Vigraha collections
  • Kerala jewellery.
  • Lightweight
  • Rajkoot collections.
  • Ethnic collections
  • Stone collections
  • Avatar collections.

Individuals seeking jewels can choose from earrings, decorations, bracelets, jadai, chains, bangles, and more. One can acquire different jewellery at affordable prices through the Gold saving scheme.

Gold Schemes in Lalitha Jewellery

To accommodate everyone and offer a touch of dignity, classism, and uniqueness. Lalitha offers jewel lovers the opportunity to purchase gold in instalments via gold schemes. The program allows users to invest a particular amount monthly to acquire gold and other jewellery. Lalithaa gold scheme is referred to as the Lalithaa gold saving plan. It’s a great strategy to help people from different financial levels to earn quality gold without much strain.

Terms and Conditions of the Lalitha Gold Scheme

  • Lalitha jewellery purchase scheme cannot be merged with other existing schemes.
  • The subscriber will undertake any GST incurred on the products.Suppose there are changes in GST; the member is responsible for the charges.
  • The Lalitha Company holds the right to alter, amend, add/delete part of the jewellery purchase plan without prior notice or suspend the plan.
  • A subscriber can only redeem at the particular showroom they enrolled in.
  • The company doesn’t allow for late installments or payment of multiple installments.
  • If any issues arise, the subscriber can battle the cases at Chennai and Tamil Nadu courts.
  • Members need to update any changes to their contact data, such as mobile numbers or loss of membership cards.
  • One can purchase gold coins under the jewellery purchase plans.
  • Lalitha doesn’t offer a cash refund.

Lalitha Jewellery Scheme Online Payment
Lalitha Jewellery Scheme Online Payment 2023 at

Types of Lalitha Jewellery Gold Schemes

1. Eleven-month plan (11th-month plan)

The eleven-month plan comes with a special offer of one free installment and a 50% discount on value addition.

Eligible users

The applicant must be an Indian resident of either:

  • Individuals
  • Trust
  • HUFs
  • Financial institutes
  • Education institutions.

The plan has no registration fee and runs for 11 months. Interested users can invest the following funds based on ability:

  • Rs. 1000
  • Rs. 1500
  • Rs. 2000
  • Rs. 2500

The eleven-month plan allows for nominee details for an easy transition if anything happens to the applicant.

Terms and Conditions

  • Suppose the member wishes to purchase over the accumulated funds; the value addition will apply to the excess amount.
  • There will be stone charges for all subscribers for all jewellery.
  • Special ornaments like Nagaz, Kumkumchimizh, Thirumangalyam, and Oddiyanam will have extra charges.
  • The company offers a 25% discount on Diamond jewellery.
  • Members must bring their membership card every month during payments.
  • The membership card will be surrendered during the jewellery collection.
  • The first applicant who signed the application form should sign the invoice and purchase card every time they are purchasing or collecting the jewel.

Lalitha Company doesn’t offer a gold scheme plan for gold nose pins. The plans are not available in TN, Pondicherry. The Diamond nose pins plans also is not applicable in AP and Telangana states, while the Navratna rings plan is not available in Karnataka.

2. Golden Blossom

The Golden Blossom plan is a unique plan that helps jewel users exchange their old jewellery for a new one at no additional cost. The subscriber can avail of the plan by making a one-time payment for their preferred jewellery.

Terms and conditions

  • The plan’s minimum amount starts from Rs. 10000, and no maximum amount. For any amount above Rs 2 00, 000, the user must provide a copy of their PAN card. The amount will also attract TDS.
  • The redemption period should exceed one year (365 days) from the start date.
  • Subscribers will get credit in rupee or gold units in grams, which will be credited based on the user’s payment per gold rate.

The Zero % gold jewellery purchase plan

The Zero percent plan allows subscribers to avail of jewellery in the future. There are no wastage charges as the plan goes for a minimum of 12 month and no maximum period.

  • A minimum of 12 months, with a choice to extend.
  • The purchase plan is valid for 2 years (24 months) from the last installment date.
  • Zero % members can purchase 916 hallmark gold, silver, and gold coins.

How to Pay for the Lalitha Gold scheme

Scheme subscribers can pay their installments online or offline based on preference.


  • The eligible member should visit the Lalitha showroom. Ensure to carry the membership card and sign the correct documents.
  • The Company accepts cash, credit card, and electronic payment channels.
  • Any cheque or demand draft payment should be addressed to Lalitha jewellery Mart Pvt. Ltd

Lalitha Jewellery Gold Scheme Online Payment

Lalitha scheme payment online:

  1. Go to the Lalitha website via the link
  2. Open the homepage and select the “pay online” option.
  3. The Company allows users to pay via SBI bank.
  4. Next, click the “State Bank of India” icon.
  5. Read the terms and conditions to proceed.
  6. Choose the “online payment tab from the list and enter your “membership number.”
  7. Review the details and press the submit button.
  8. The payment page will open; select your preferred option: SBI internet banking, SBI ATM/debit card, credit card, or other bank’s internet banking.
  9. The system will generate a receipt, download it, and print it for reference.

Lalithaa Jewellery Helpline Numbers

For more information, members and interested users can call the customer service number:

  • +917338816727
  • 044_28141177
  • 044_28349860

Lalitha Jewellery Customer care number

Ph : +91 9099999916

Please refer lalithaa jewellers official website for more details:


  1. Can I pay in advance for my gold scheme plan?

    No, Lalitha doesn’t allow for advance payments. However, one cannot delay or skip any payment.

  2. Who is eligible for Lalitha gold scheme?

    The scheme is available for all Indian residents except for minors.

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