Manipur Salary Slip 2024, Manipur Employee Pay Slip PDF Download

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Manipur Salary Slip

Salary slips are quite detailed to help employee understand their salary breakdown. All employees are entitled to a pay slip based on their payment schedule. With the understanding of importance of payslip, most Indian state government have developed proper payment channels for public employees. This allows workers to download or view their pay slips online without much struggle.

Manipur State uses professionalism and digital tools to provide their government employees with legal salary slips. Regardless of the employment rank, employees can get their salary data via a smart portal anytime. The platform is designed by the Financial Department and it’s open to all registered workers.

Manipur Employee Payslip Portal

The Manipur employee payslip portal is available via It’s a secure platform designed to help with employee and department details. Registered workers can check their respective department and download present or past salary slip. The portal allows employees to download PDF slips and avail them in the download folder.

Salary Payslip

Salary slips are legal documents that offer multiple salary and employee details. Manipur salary slip contains the user’s basic payment and deductions. Employees can utilize the salary slip for various reasons, such as:

  • Income Tax fillings

Employees can file the income tax return, which is deducted from the salary. To check for the tax details, the user can review their payslip.

  • Employment proof

Salary slips are proof of employment; one can present the document when searching for a new job or applying for a loan.

  • Loan application

A salary slip helps in applying for a loan as it’s proof of income and employment.

Sections of Payslip

  • Basic Salary section
  • HRA
  • LTA
  • Bonus
  • Allowances
  • Deduction
  • Provident fund
  • Professional Tax
  • Tax Deductible at Sources
Manipur Salary Slip 2024, Manipur Employee Pay Slip PDF Download
Manipur Salary Slip 2024, Manipur Employee Pay Slip PDF Download

Manipur Salary Slip 2024 Download

Key steps to Download 2024 Manipur Employee salary Slip

The Finance Department, and the Department of Treasuries and Accounts has developed the e-payroll System website portal. Workers can check the link

  • Go to the DAT Manipur website via the link
  • Open the homepage to login.
  • The page will display the following options:
    • Employee
    • Payee
    • Pension
  • This is a self-service option; choose the correct option to continue.
  • Under the employee login, enter the credentials to open the account.
  • Proceed to the salary statement section to avail of different salary slips.
  • Here, you can select any salary slip from the list.
  • Next, download the slip to your download folder.
  • It’s easy to download multiple months’ salary slips.

Employee can get their salary slip from the head of department or HR offices. Visit the DDO office and request a salary slip.


  1. What is the official Manipur epayroll website?

Manipur government has an official payslip portal with an official link e payroll link:

  1. What services can I avail with Manipur payslip?

Manipur payslip allows users to avail the following:

  • Employment proof
  • Income proof
  • Tax details
  1. Can I get my salary slip offline?

One can request the department DDO or HR officials to get the salary slip.

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