Salary Slip Jharkhand Govt Employee Download at Kuber IFMS

Comprehensive Data on Jharkhand payslip at Kuber IFMS. Salary Slip Jharkhand Govt Employee at Kuber IFMS at कर्मचारी सेवा पोर्टल

Jharkhand Salary Slip

Salary payment challenges are quickly subsiding with the introduction of online systems. Today, employees can receive timely salaries and payslips through digital access. The Indian State government has initiated multiple platforms to serve government employees and reduce the burden on payment processing.

Jharkhand state government India offers unique payment strategies through the finance payment department. The digital progression assists the Jharkhand government workers in attaining pay slips through a site known as Kuber Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS.)

Kuber Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) is an official government website in Jharkhand state serving government employees. The system is designed to hold salary slips, employee data, service, GPF, allowances and more.

कर्मचारी सेवा पोर्टल

Salary Slip Jharkhand Govt Employee at Kuber IFMS
Salary Slip Jharkhand Govt Employee 2024 at Kuber IFMS

Who can get the Jharkhand number IFMS?

Kuber IFMS official site is structured for Jharkhand government workers. It serves different branches in Jharkhand states. Workers can get their pension, pay slips and other essential employee services on the Kuber gateway.

Importance of Jharkhand Kuber Account

The primary push for establishing the Kuber IFMS site was to cater for payment and payslip data. The site contains different information, which reduces the need to visit the HR of DDO offices. Jharkhand government caters for all employees regardless of rank. This allows for transparency in the system.

  • The site is transparent, removing any flaws in the system.
  • The Kuber IFMS portal is easy to utilize.
  • It’s available anytime, giving employees a chance to download their pay slips easily.

Kuber IFMS Jharkhand Registration 2024

Registration for Kuber IFMS Jharkhand payslip.

Government employees who use the Kuber IFMS online website have to undergo a process to access the employee page online.

Here is the Kuber IFMS Jharkhand registration process to follow;

  1. Registration is relatively easy as the user needs to enter the official link
  2. Proceed to the tab “employee registration” and submit other mandatory information.
  3. Check and key in the following details:
    • GPF/CPS number
    • Mobile number
    • DOB
  4. New employees should provide a preferred password.
  5. Confirm the password for safety and verification purposes.
  6. Next, enter the security code and select the registration option.

Services offered by Jharkhand Kuber Site.

  • Data about General Provident Fund (GPF) Account.

The GPF Account is one of the main strategies for each representative, whether you are in a private or public area. Customers should make month-to-month commitments to their GPF account and enjoy benefits during their advanced age. The GPF Account helps view your GPF balance on every withdrawal and keeps you updated on your account.

  • Download the monthly salary slip.

At the end of every month, your manager will provide you with a month–to–month payslip for proof of payment, employment or funds. A worker can also have the option to observe the complete allowances made, plus the expenses and GPF commitments. Representatives of the Jharkhand State Government can now examine their regularly scheduled pay sneak past, basically signing into the Jharkhand Kuber Website.

  • Retirement-related information.

Employees of the Jharkhand State Government can observe all the data associated with retirement age and benefits. Workers having the retirement data will be able to make earlier preparations before the retirement day. Pensioners can also check their funds and slip details via the Kuber IFMS site.

  • Administration History and payslip.

Official workers of class B of the Jharkhand State Government can check their administration history and pay slips by visiting the Jharkhand Kuber Website.

Salary Slip Jharkhand Govt Employee Download

How to Download Jharkhand Payslip.

To access the Jharkhand payslip, workers must log in and get their Kuber IFMS official portal login. The following process assists in the Jharkhand download process.

  •  Go to Kuber IFMS page.
  • The employee need to selects the Kuber Employee Portal to enable the new page to open.
  • Next, ensure to provide the CPS/GPF or PRAN number used during employee registration.
  • Provide the login password in the next column, followed by the check box code.
  • The user can click on the login button and wait for a while to verify your details.
  • At the next step, select the payslip option and select the appropriate year/month from the options.
  • Proceed by clicking on Get Report and then save the option to download the file.
  • Jharkhand payslip for state government workers for the selected month of the year to download on the Kuber IFMS portal. Ensure to log out once you have accessed your data from the portal.

Kuber IFMS Login

Login procedure on Kuber IFMS

Once registered, the users can log in using the steps below.

  • Visit the link
  • Choose a language (Hindi and English.
  • Next, provide the CPS/GDF/PRAN number password and select the “login” option.
  • The page will show different data, such as personal data, on the dashboard.

Reset Kuber IFMS Login Password

Quick and simple steps to reset Kuber IFMS login password

Forgetting or losing a password is pretty normal. Employees can reset their password using a simplified online process as follows:

  • Gather all necessary details and open the
  • Check for the “forgot password” option and click to continue.
  • Enter the type key in the “employee type” button.
  • Next, key in:
    • CPS/GPF number
    • Mobile number
    • Date of birth.
  • Review and make corrections before submitting.
  • Provide the captcha code for authentication and press “send OTP.”
  • Reset a new password and confirm to avail new password.


  1. Can I reset my Kuber IFMS Portal Employee Login?

A worker can reset the Kuber IFMS password online by having their registered mobile number to get the new password set.

  1. Can we change the Mobile number in the Kuber IFMS portal Employee Login?

If a worker loses/forgets or wants to change numbers with Kuber Employee Login, you must contact your DDO assigned and request them to change your mobile. Once updated successfully, it will be automatically linked to your account.

  1. What is Kuber IFMS?

Kuber IFMS is a government portal established for Jharkhand government employees to allow smooth salary slip access.

  1. Can I reset my Kuber IFMS portal Employee login?

Yes. A worker can reset the Kuber IFMS password online by having their registered mobile number to get the password.

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