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India is the most populous country with many states that contains a large number of government employees working across several departments. As an employee, it is important to keep track of their salary and other necessary details. To enhance online services the government (s) designs online portal for its employees where they can access, download, and check their pay slips through platforms like the HRMS.

Tripura HRMS portal is among the top government invention that helps government employees avail salary slip records. The Tripura Employee Slip is an essential document launched for government employees in the state that provides employees with a details breakdown of their net pay, allowances, deductions, and salary. The Tripura State Government’s Finances Department and Treasury issue the payslip for all working employees that is available online.

The payslip has assisted employees in keeping track of their earnings, and deductions and also receiving what they’re paid correctly. This system has helped people from the existing manual payslip system to a more efficient and user-friendly digital system. Employees can access the Tripura employee HRMS pay slip system by logging into their account and accessing their pay slip details. In this article, you will get all the information required and understand your Tripura salary slip.

Benefits of Tripura Salary Slip Online

You can check your Tripura salary slip online as it contains various benefits as listed below;

  • It is suitable as you can access it anytime.
  • Ensures accurate information about your deductions and earnings.
  • It saves time for employees.
  • Helps one to keep track of your salary and other related information.
  • Assist one in planning finances and budget respectively.

Download Tripura Employee Pay Slip 2024 Tripura Employee GPF Slip 2024 at Tripura HRMS
Tripura Employee Pay Slip 2024, Tripura Employee GPF Slip 2024 at Tripura HRMS

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The information included on the Tripura Employee Pay Slip

The payslip contains important sections that provide information about your salary as mentioned below;

  • Deductions

The payslip includes information on any deductions in the deductions section. The deductions include income tax, provident fund, etc.

  • Net pay

The net pay section shows the amount of money you will get after deduction. Ensure your needs match with the net pay and if not, concern your HR department.

  • Earnings

The payslip contains your earning section like your grade pay, basic pay, and any other allowances.

  • Personal details

The first section of your payslip consists of your personal details section which includes your name, designation, department, and employee code. Ensure all details are accurate and if any errors, consider the appropriate authority office.

Download Tripura Employee Pay Slip 2024

The process to download Tripura Employee Salary Slip 2024

The employees working under various departments in Tripura state government can check details like month-wise salary slips from login web age by downloading the e-pay roll system web portal as shown below;

  1. Employees need to move to the HRMS Tripura website at
  2. Press on the login button on the homepage.
  3. A new window will open after pressing on the link provided.
  4. Input your login details like employee, Payee, and Pension Self Service, and then tap on the login button.
  5. Next, choose the employee from the menu page.
  6. Proceed by hitting on the salary slip file under the Salary Statements section.
  7. Finally, your salary slip will be downloaded into your system. The pay slip will be displayed on the screen.

Tripura Employee Salary Slip

Procedure to read Tripura Employee Salary Slip

You need to understand the details mentioned on your salary slip. Here are steps to follow to understand your Tamil Nadu Employee Salary Slip 2024;

  • Begin with the employee details section and ensure all your details are correct.
  • Check the amount you received before any calculation of deductions or allowances.
  • View the allowances section like the dearness allowance, medical allowances and house rent allowance.
  • Find the deductions section that includes income tax, professional tax, and provident fund.
  • Lastly, check the net pay section to know the amount you received after all the allowances and deductions.

How to Use Tripura Employee Salary Slip

Here are tips to follow to use your Tripura employee salary slip effectively;

  • Keep track of your leave balance and plan your future leaves.
  • Use the pay slip for financial planning and other related financial details.
  • Understand information on the taxes and deductions indicated to your salary.



  1. How often are salary slips generated for government employees in Tripura?

    Your salary slips are generated every month for employees in Tripura.

  2. Can I generate new salary slip if the previous is damage or lost?

    The Tripura HRMS portal allows user to access their accounts anytime meaning you can get another copy anytime.

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