Block ICICI Credit Card, How to Block ICICI Credit Card

Fast ways to Block your ICICI Credit Card. Block ICICI Credit Card Permanently Using Net Banking. How to Block ICICI Credit Card by SMS. ICICI Credit Card Block Number (customer care). Block ICICI Credit Card Using Imobile APP.

Block ICICI Credit Card

The ICICI Bank India is keen on accounts and cards security. The bank provides security features such as microchips and login credentials. The account users also gets guidelines on creating a strong, secure password for their banking facilities. A credit card is a modern banking facility that is pretty secure and helps purchase using credit. The card is compatible with various banking platforms such as internet banking and mobile app, making it easy to operate online.

The ICICI bank has provided a permanent and temporary block options on their credit cards for security reasons. This helps users instantly block the card if they suspect any fraudulent activities or lost card. The credit cardholder can block or unblock the card anywhere without going to the bank branch. These curbs account for data leakage and money fraud cases.

How to Block ICICI Credit Card

How to Block ICICI Credit Card
Block ICICI Credit Card Using Net Banking, SMS. Imobile APP

Why should you block your credit card?

There are various reasons why credit card user should block their cards either permanently or temporarily.

  • If the card is lost or stolen.
  • The card user can opt to get other credit cards.
  • One can stop using the card or wish to shift to new providers.
  • Fraud case

Methods to Block ICICI Bank Credit card

  • Calling customer care
  • Using internet banking
  • iMobile app
  • SMS method.

Things to Consider Before Blocking a Credit Card

Before blocking the credit card, ensure to:

  • First, clear any outstanding balances
  • Redeem your credit card reward points.
  • Don’t purchase any item before closing the card.
  • Solve any money fraud cases
  • Settle all EMIs.

How to Block ICICI Credit Card by SMS

Blocking SMS ICICI credit card by sending SMS

The SMS methods functions without an internet connection. The cardholder needs to use their registered mobile number.

  • Go to the SMS option and type: BLOCK <space> last four digits of your card send to 9215676766
  • The bank will verify the request and block the card instantly.

ICICI Credit Card Block Number (Customer Care)

How to block ICIC credit cards by calling customer care

  • Using the registered mobile number, call the ICICI Bank number 1860 120 7777.
  • The call will be connected, and the bank officers will request some proof details.
  • After the verification process, the bank will block the card.

How to Block ICICI Credit Card Using Imobile APP

Blocking ICICI credit cards using the iMobile app

  • Download the iMobile app on your smartphone and create MPIN or biometric authentication details.
  • Log in and select the “manage card” option to continue.
  • The page will display two options:
    • Temporary block
    • Permanent block
  • Select the “temp block” option on the menu for temporary blocks.
  • The page will request you confirm if you want to block the card. Press the “OK” option to complete the process.
  • The user can opt for a permanent block option by clicking “block card” under the “manage card” section.
  • Enter the reason to block the card.
  • Key in your registered mobile number email ID and click submit tab.
  • The system will block the card-based request.

Note one cannot reverse a permanent block request; the user needs to visit the bank to apply for a new credit card. However, one can unblock using net banking or mobile banking services for temporary card blocking.

How to Block ICICI Credit Card Permanently Using Net Banking

Block ICICI Credit Cards Permanently / Temporarily Using Net Banking

  • Visit the ICICI net banking website page link
  • Enter your username and password to log in.
  • Select “customer service” > “service request” tab.
  • Next, click the “block credit card” option under the credit card section.
  • Choose the credit card number and click the “submit” button.
  • The bank will temporarily or permanently block the card based on the user’s choice.

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  1. Can I unblock my card after blocking?

Yes, a credit card user can unblock the card if temporarily blocked. However, for permanent blocking, the process cannot be reversed.

  1. What reasons can lead to blocking your credit card?

One can block the card if they suspect any fraud or the card is stolen/lost. The user can also opt to get another credit card or car provider.

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