How to ADD Nominee in HDFC Bank, Change Nominee in HDFC

2023. How to Add Nominee in Hdfc Bank Account Online. How to Change Nominee in HDFC Bank at Add / Check / Update Nominee in HDFC Bank Account Using HDFC Mobile APP.

How to Check Nominee in HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank Nominee details: how to add or change nominee in your HDFC bank account

Banking sectors encourage account holders to nominate a single trustworthy person to act as a nominee. The nominee feature is quite significant, especially when the account user dies. The bank transfers the funds or any property to the selected nominee. This helps eliminate any inheritance, transfer fights, or give custody to the wrong people. Getting a nominee should be considered necessary as the person will acquire all the funds as directed. It’s advisable to review the nominee characters’ qualities and inform them about your intentions with funds.

Most people select nominees as their immediate family members to ensure the funds circulate in the family. However, banks don’t limit nominees to blood relations but trustworthy persons. HDFC bank, a large banking and financial provider in India, provides account users with simple ways to add or change their nominees. Today accountholders need to include a nominee during the account opening session. Suppose you don’t have any nominated individual on your HDFC account. It’s easy to add the nominee using online and mobile banking platforms.

How to ADD Nominee in HDFC Bank, Change Nominee in HDFC
How to ADD Nominee in HDFC Bank, Change Nominee in HDFC

HDFC Bank Also doesn’t limit users from changing their nominees for different reasons.

  • Account users can change the nominee due to divorce.
  • If the nominee dies
  • Changing from parent to spouse in case of marriage.
  • Security matters and trust issues.

HDFC bank allows for only one nominee per account. An account holder with multiple accounts can nominate different people for every account.

Required Details to add a nominee to your HDFC bank account

Account users need the following details before adding or changing a nominee to their account.

  • Registered mobile number
  • Internet banking
  • Customer ID
  • Mobile banking
  • Login credentials

How to Add Nominee in HDFC Bank Online

Step by step to add a nominee in your HDFC bank account online

  1. Go to the HDFC net banking via the link
  2. Open the login page and key in your username/customer ID and password to log in.
  3. Select “request” tab > “view/update nomination details” button on the menu.
  4. A new page will open select the” view/update nomination details for savings accounts and current accounts” option.
  5. The option will help you add a nominee to your savings bank account.
  6. Choose the account number and select the “modify nominee” option.
  7. Suppose you already have a nominee; click the “modify” button to edit the details and include a new nominee.
  8. The page will show a nominee form, enter the required details to complete the process.
    • Nominee’s name
    • Date of birth
    • Relationship
    • Address
  9. Recheck the information and press the continue button.
  10. For nominees under 18 years/minor, the account user must include the guardian’s details on the page.
  11. Review all details and accept the terms and conditions.
  12. Press the “confirm” button to save the nominee details on your HDFC saving account.

How to Add / Change Nominee in HDFC Bank Account Using HDFC Mobile APP

Step by step to add/ Change nominee in HDFC bank account using the mobile app

  • First, get the HDFC mobile app on your device.
  • Register and login using username/customer ID and password.
  • Open the account menu and proceed to the nominee facility.
  • Enter the nominee’s name, relationship, address, date of birth, and more.
  • Recheck the details and press the “submit” button.
  • The system will process the details and send a confirmation about the request.

Required Documents for a Nominee to Claim from HDFCBank

A nominee can only claim funds or property if the account user dies. The bank will request some proof documents before processing the request.

  • Death certificate.
  • The identity proof documents of the nominee.
  • Nominee claim form:
  • A magistrate or judicial officer
  • An executive from the central/state government
  • Bank officer
  • Two references.

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  1. Can I have two nominees for my savings account?

No, the account user should only nominate one person per account. If you have several accounts, you can choose a different nominee for each account.

  1. Who is eligible to be a nominee?

The bank doesn’t limit anyone from being a nominee; one can choose a child, spouse, parents, and friends. The nominee should be trusted to fulfill the account user’s desires.

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