How to Get Axis Bank Customer ID, Know Customer ID of Axis Bank

Get your Axis Bank Customer ID Online & offline. How to get customer id of axis bank through SMS method, cheque book, Axis Bank welcome letter, passbook, Visiting the bank branch, Bank Statement.

Know Customer ID of Axis Bank

The banking sector is implementing digital systems to help generate unique account details such as customer ID and account number. The bank can efficiently allocate identifiers to every customer without sharing common IDs. This allows accountholder access their banking information separately and securely, thus eliminating fraud. Customer ID, a unique number, is developed by all banking and financial institutions to help identify each account user. The number applies in the net banking and mobile banking login process.

The Axis Bank India is a private financial sector with various branches and registers a huge number of customers. The customer can avail of different banking services through the assigned customer ID. It’s easy to access online banking services using the ID as a login credential from any digital device. Axis Bank indicates the accountholders customer ID in various banking facilities (online and offline) for fast access to avoid inconveniences. The account user doesn’t have to visit the bank branch to get their ID.

How to Get Axis Bank Customer ID

There are multiple ways to access your customer ID offline and online. However, you need several details as follows to avail of the ID. Note that some banks refer to the ID as CRN, a unique identifier.

  • User’s registered mobile number.
  • Banking facilities such as chequebook, passbook, welcome letter and more.
How to Get Axis Bank Customer ID, Know Customer ID of Axis Bank
How to Get Axis Bank Customer ID, Know Customer ID of Axis Bank

Know Axis Bank Customer ID through the SMS method

The SMS method requires no internet or smart devices. However, one must request from the registered mobile number as follows:

  • CUSTID <space>account number > send to 56161600.

Get Axis Bank Customer ID Using the cheque book

A cheque book is a portable banking facility that helps in payment services. The cheque is designed with the accountholder’s account number, name, IFSC code, branch, and customer ID. To avail of the ID, open the first page on the cheque book for all bank details.

Check Axis Bank Customer ID Through the Axis Bank welcome letter

If the account user has their welcome letter, they can easily access all bank information. The welcome letter contains the account number, debit card details, customer id, and other banking information. Open the letter to view the customer ID, save or copy the ID for reference.

Find Axis Bank Customer ID Using passbook

Though bank passbook services are shifting from manual to digital systems, users with a copy of the Axis bank passbook can check the customer ID from the book’s first page. The page also contains other bank information like account number, branch, IFSC code, name, etc.

Request Find Axis Bank Customer ID Visiting the bank branch

Suppose the above methods don’t work; the user can visit the Axis home branch or any branch to get the customer ID. The bank officer must verify your account details before providing any data. The account holder should avail several proof documents for easy access. After the verification process, the officer will get your ID. One can save through email or SMS for reference.

The above are offline methods to check and save your Axis customer ID. It’s also possible to get the data through your device’s net banking and mobile banking services.

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  1. Can I apply for a new customer ID?

No, the ID is generated once and works for a lifetime. To get your customer ID use the above methods for easy access.

  1. Can I use my customer ID for different accounts?

Yes, all Axis bank account under your name work under the same customer ID.

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