HDFC Credit Card Application Status Check

Quick ways to check your HDFC Credit card application status: online and offline methods. HDFC Bank Credit Card Application Status Check with Mobile Number or Date of Birth. HDFC Credit Card Status Check Using SMS. Track HDFC CC Application Status Enquiry Number

HDFC Credit Card Application Status

Qualifying for a credit card requires good credit scores and reasonable income to sustain the card. HDFC bank developers multiple credit cards to accommodate all account users based on different eligibility criteria. Once an accountholder fulfills the criteria, they can apply for a credit card through online or offline platforms.

After the application, the applicant needs to wait for a few days giving the bank time to verify and approve the request. The bank allows applicants to view the application status using various methods. The status helps guide the user on the stage and time to wait. There are several statuses as follows:

  • In processor in progress:

The results mean the bank is reviewing the application and might take a few days to dispatch.

  • On-hold

If the status shows on hold, the bank requires more information and will contact you through SMS or call to get the data.

  • Disapproved

If the HDFC bank doesn’t process the card request due to some issues such as lack of proper documents, bad credit score, or other issues. It will call or send an SMS to inform the customer.

  • No records found

If the system doesn’t have your application details, it will display the No record found status. The applicant can call the bank or reapply again and ensure they provide all requirements.

  • Approved

When the bank approves the card request, the status will show as approved. The customer will wait for the dispatch, which happens within days.

  • Dispatched

The results show the card is already sent to the given address. The bank and delivery service will send an SMS to inform the customer of pickup.

HDFC Bank Credit Card Application Status Check

Requires details

  • Registered mobile number with HDFC bank
  • Application reference number
  • Applicant’s date of birth
HDFC Bank Credit Card status check online 2024

Track Your HDFC Credit Card Status Using Air Way Bill Number

Step by step to check HDFC creditcard application status using Air Way Bill number

  • Open the link
  • Next, key in the Air Way Bill and submit it.
  • The system will generate the application status using the above results, for example, in-process, dispatched, on-hold, etc.

HDFC Credit Card Application Status Check With Mobile Number or Date of Birth

Step by step to Check HDFC Bank Credit Card Application Status Using Registered Mobile Number or Date of Birth (DOB)

  1. Visit the HDFC bank website portal link.
  2. Proceed to the tab “track your credit card” option.
  3. Key in your registered mobile number with the bank or enter your date of birth.
  4. The page will send an OTP to the number.
  5. Use the OTP to verify and press submit button.
  6. The system will send the application status through SMS.

HDFC Credit Card Application Status Check Using SMS

The HDFC bank sends an SMS if there are any changes to the credit card application. However, the applicant can check their status using the SMS method.

  • HDFCBK to 5676712

HDFC Credit Card Application Status Enquiry Number

  • The applicant can call the HDFC toll-free using the registered mobile number 1800 266 4332.
  • The bank executive will receive the call; the user should request.
  • Next, provide the registered mobile number, date of birth, PAN card number. This will help in verifying the applicant’s identity.
  • The bank officer will provide the status immediately.

HDFC Credit Card Customer Care Number

Numbers: 1860 267 6161/18002026161

Credit Card Application Status HDFC Visiting the HDFC Bank branch

The card applicant can visit the bank and enquire about card status. The bank officer will request proof documents (PAN card, mobile number, application form) before providing application status.

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  1. How many days does it take to process the HDFC credit card application?

The HDFC bank credit card takes a maximum of 21 working days to process and deliver. However, if there are any issues, the bank will SMS or call.

  1. After how check the HDFC credit card application?

The applicant can check the credit card status after 3 to 4 days.

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