How to Deposit Cheque in SBI Bank, Request SBI Cheque Book

Easy ways to Deposit a Cheque in SBI Bank: How to Deposit Cheque in SBI Bank, Request SBI Cheque Book. How to Deposit a cheque leaf of SBI in a CDM machine.

SBI Cheque Deposit

Cheque books come in handy, especially while dealing with huge amounts. Banks issue cheque books based on the number of leaves and users’ preferences. It’s a secure way of fund transfer since no fraud or theft can affect a cheque. Accountholders can easily write checks to any bank user as the facility is diversified and acceptable in different banking and financial institutions.

The SBI bank allows bank customers to check via online platforms such as mobile banking and net banking services. It’s also easy to bank your check through digitalized machines, namely Cash Deposit Machine CDM. The machine works as an ATM; however, you need to enter your cheque and the requested account details. This is pretty convenient compared to the traditional cheque process, which took days to complete the transaction.

How to Deposit Cheque in SBI Bank, Request SBI Cheque Book
How to Deposit Cheque in SBI Bank, Request SBI Cheque Book

Required Details for SBI Cheque Deposit Process in State Bank of India

  • Account number
  • Debit card details.

How to Deposit a cheque leaf of SBI in a CDM machine

Easy ways to deposit the SBI cheque using the CDM machine. SBI bank has various CDM machines to serve all bank customers.

  • Visit the SBI CDM near you for deposit service.
  • Next, insert your SBI debit card and key in the PIN.
  • Proceed and insert the cheque in the right side or direction. Ensure the cheque is not folded before inserting it into the machine.
  • Once accepted, the machine will display the cheque image.
  • Recheck all details to ensure they are okay, and press confirm button.
  • The system will generate a printed receipt with the cheque number.Review all details before leaving the CDM for clarification.
  • The bank will credit the amount within three working days.

How to Get Cash on the Same Day After Depositing the Cheque

  • Visit the SBI Bank branch and request a cheque deposit slip.
  • Enter all mandatory details such as account number, cheque number, issuing bank, and branch name.
  • For any amount more than Rs.50 000 ensure to enter your PAN card number.
  • Next, attach the cheque to the slip and submit it back to the bank officer.
  • The SBI bank will credit your account on the same day.

How Can i Apply for SBI Cheque Book Online Through SBI Net Banking

Step by step to apply for SBI Bank cheque book online (internet banking)

  • Visit the Online SBI net banking portal link.
  • Open the homepage and enter your user ID and password to log in.
  • Select the “request and enquires” option.
  • Proceed to “cheque book request” and click “account number, number of cheque” >“submit” button.
  • The system will send an OTP to your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP to authenticate the details and press the confirm button.
  • Next, key in your postal address and select submit tab. The system will send a reference number to save it as you wait for the cheque book.

How to Request for SBI cheque book using YONO App

Step by step to get an SBI cheque book through the mobile app

  • On your SBI Anywhere personal app, enter your login credentials to log in.
  • For new users, download and install the SBI Anywhere Personal app on your device.
  • Once logged in select “request” > cheque book > new cheque book request “options.
  • Enter the number of cheque book leaves and press the request tab.
  • An OTP will be sent to your mobile number for verification.
  • Enter the code and press confirm button.
  • Key in your address and click submit tab.

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  1. Can I deposit a different cheque at the same time?

Yes, an account user can deposit a different cheque through the CDM or visit the bank.

  1. Can I avail the money on the same day after depositing the cheque?

The user can deposit the cheque direct at the bank after filling in the required details. The bank will verify, and if the situation is favorable, the money will be deposited on the same day.

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