ICICI Bank Credit Card Application Status, Delivery Tracking Online

Ways to check your ICICI Credit Card Dispatch Status. ICICI Bank Credit Card Application Status Online Tracking. How to check ICICI Bank Credit Card Application Status, Delivery Tracking Online.

ICICI Credit Card Application Status

Card application is pretty easy, especially with the available digital tools. Bank and financial sectors are merging the online system with existing facilities to help customers operate easily. Today customers can apply for a credit card through net banking, mobile banking, and the bank’s website. The services allow for easy verification and document upload process. However, after applying, the bank has to authenticate, approve and dispatch the cards.

Through the process, several status are indicated to guide the user on the level. The ICICI Bank India, like other banks in the country, provides credit card services to eligible users. The bank has a variety of credit cards with unique benefits. To avail ICICI Bank credit card, one has to fulfill the eligibility criteria and provide reliable income sources. The user’s age and credit score also define the eligibility. After qualifying, one should apply and keep the reference details for an easy status check.

ICICI Bank Credit Card Application Status
ICICI Credit Card Application Status, Dispatch Status Etc…

ICICI Bank Credit Card Application Status

The card processing offering status such as:

  • In process: This shows the bank is reviewing the information and working on the card.
  • On-hold: the bank only holds the card if some details are missing or need more clarification. The ICICI bank officer will call or SMS the applicant to solve the details.
  • No records found: The user can also get a no record status if the details weren’t processed or found in the bank system. The user needs to reapply or visit the bank branch for help.
  • Approved: once the bank authenticates the details, the card is processed and ready for dispatch.
  • Disapproved:  The bank can also disapprove a credit card application if the applicant doesn’t qualify or has a bad credit score.
  • Dispatched: after approval, the bank dispatches the card through courier to the registered address. The cardholder will get an SMS and reference number confirming the process.

How to Track ICICI Credit Card Using Tracking ID

The bank and courier company will confirm the dispatch and provide an SMS or email. The user needs to open the message to locate the tracking ID.

  • Open your email ID or SMS section to get the tracking ID or reference number.
  • Next, go to the ICICI application website portal and key in the tracking number.
  • Select the “track shipment” option to view the dispatch status
  • The system will show the delivery date and other shipment data on the page.

ICICI Credit Card Application Status Using Date of Birth

Tracking ICICI credit card status using the date of birth

  • Open the ICICI website portal and proceed to the application page.
  • Enter the required details such as registered mobile number, date of birth, and other crucial information.
  • An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP to verify and avail the status.

ICICI Bank Credit Card Application Status Check without Tracking ID at iMobile app

ICICI credit card tracking without the tracking ID using the iMobile app

  • Get the ICICI bank iMobile app on your mobile device.
  • Enter the login credential, and key in the OTP code sent to your mobile number.
  • The user can also use a fingerprint as an authentication facility.
  • Select the “services” option on the menu.
  • Next, click “check status” followed by the “track deliverables” option.
  • Choose the card number and click submit tab.
  • The tab will display the status on the screen.

Download Imobile APP link

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  1. How long does the ICICI bank take to process a credit card request?

The ICICI bank takes 21 days to process a credit card request. However, the card can be dispatched any day within the said days.

  1. Can I avail my card status through the customer care desk?

The ICICI bank has a toll-free number for all bank customers. The applicant can call and request the dispatch status.

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