RBL Credit Card Statement Password, How to Open PDF

How to Open RBL Bank Credit Card Statement PDF Password. What is RBL Credit Card Statement pdf Password. Download RBL credit card statement. Download RBL Bank Creditcard Statement Online.

RBL Credit Card

Credit card statement offers vast information on credit bills, charges, spending, and loan details. The statement helps the cardholder align the expenditure and income to ensure spending doesn’t overwhelm the income. All credit card providers (banks and financial institutions) provide ways to check for credit card statements without visiting the bank or offices. The digital methods secure the statement by sealing it with a password.

Banks use online systems to design passwords for credit card statements. This means nobody can conceal details besides the credit cardholder. Password protection is an important requirement also a hindrance if the users don’t know or understand it. Some users prefer to download the credit card statement without the passcode—however, simple ways to remove the password on the statement.

RBL Credit Card Statement Password, How to Open PDF
How to Open RBL Credit Card Statement Password

RBL Credit Card Statement Password

The RBL bank, like other famous banks in India, offers high-end security to banking facilities. The bank develops passwords for credit and debit card statements. The passcodes are unique to every user to avoid financial fraud.

The RBL Bank has an exclusive password format that contains the user’s name and date of birth. The password is derived from the first four letters of your name and date of birth (DDMMYY).

For example, Narendra, DOB 9 Jan 1993 Nare090193

How to Check and Download RBL Bank Credit Card Statement Online

Step by step download RBL Bank Credit Card Statement through net banking at Rblbank.com

  1. Visit the RBL Bank net banking portal via the link https://www.rblbank.com
  2. Enter your login username and password to access the page.
  3. Proceed to the “credit card” option and select the “statement” tab.
  4. Key in the period you wish to get the credit card statement and click the download button.
  5. The statement will be saved in PDF format or sent to your email ID.
  6. You need a password to open the credit card statement. The page will offer the password; note the RBL password set: user’s first four letters of your name and date of birth.
  7. Enter the password to view the details.

Download RBL Credit Card Statement Without Using A Password

Getting your credit card statement without a password is pretty easy and convenient. The user needs to use the steps below:

  • Open your smartphone browser and search for the ‘RBL My Card’ option.
  • Select the correct choice and hit the download button.
  • Once downloaded, install and open the app.
  • Click the “view statement” tab and proceed to the “Download statement” option.
  • Save the statement in PDF format on your device without a password.

How to Remove Password RBL Bank Statement PDF?

Removing Password from the RBL credit card PDF statement. The account holder can use the following instructions to get a password-free card statement.

  • Select the PDF file or statement on your device.
  • Choose the “open with” tab and select the “Google chrome” option.
  • The Google chrome system will open the statement.
  • Key in the password and click Ctrl +P tab.
  • Go to the destination and click print as PDF.
  • Select the save button and choose the location to save the PDF file on your device. The saved file doesn’t require any password to open.

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  1. Can I use the same password to open a different credit card statement?

If the card users download their credit card statement multiple times, the bank will send a password for each statement. However, the RBL bank has set the password as a combination of the cardholder’s name and date of birth.

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