SBI Credit Card Application Status

Easy Ways to Track Your State Bank Credit Card Application Status. sbi credit card status check by pan number. SBI Credit Card Application Status check online. sbi credit card application status customer care number, through mobile number

SBI Credit Card Application Status

Modern technology allows banks and financial institutions to provide simple advanced banking tools to their registered customers. The facilities eliminate the need to visit the bank’s branch, thus saving time and resources. Today bank customers can apply for credit cards at the comfort of their homes and offices. The online platforms are well-designed to verify the applicant’s KYC details and provide correct credit cards based on qualifications. Users can also trace any banking application status through mobile gadgets with the advancement.

SBI Bank India provides different banking services aligning with every user’s needs. The bank customers have the privilege to operate most services on the computer and mobile devices, simple exercises that save time. The bank also assists customers manually or through toll-free customer support numbers to cover all members. Credit card users and applicants can access multiple card services online and offline services.

If an SBI customer requests a credit card, they can check the application through several platforms. The applicant will get different answers based on the application process. Here we provide simple ways to track your credit card application status through mobile phone.

SBI Credit Card Application Status
SBI Credit Card Application Status Check

How to Check SBI Credit Card Application Status

Before checking the card status, you need to have the application reference number and registered mobile number. The details help in easily tracing the card information from the system.

State Bank of india Credit Card Application Status check using an online portal

  1. Visit the SBI credit card website portal via the link
  2. Select the “track application” tab > applicants with reference number should click the “check the status of your application” option.
  3. If an applicant has forgotten the reference number, they should click the “retrieve application” tab.
  4. Next, enter your registered mobile number and click the “track” button.
  5. The system will generate the reference number for you to proceed.
  6. Key in the reference number and select the “track” option.
  7. The system will send a verification OTP to your mobile number.
  8. Enter the OTP, and once verified, the page will show the SBI credit card application status.

Check SBI Credit Card Application Status by SMS

The SMS method favors SBI customers without internet access. The user needs to use their registered mobile number to access the details.

  • After the credit card application process, the SBI bank will send a reference number or application number to your mobile number and email ID.
  • The SMS contains a link to help in the application status process.
  • Click the link and key in the OTP code sent by the bank.
  • The system will verify the details and provide SBI credit card application status.

SBI Credit Card Status Results

The application status check provides several results as follows:

  • In progress:the results indicate the credit card is under process and yet to be dispatched.
  • On-hold: the bank might keep the card on hold if there are missing documents or details.The bank will call or SMS the applicant to provide the information.
  • Approved: this shows the bank has verified and accepted the request. The bank will make and dispatch the card anytime.
  • Dispatched:  the results mean the bank has already sent out the credit card with the authorized courier to your registered address. The bank will send an SMS with the airway bill number to help track the courier.
  • Disapproved: SBI card applicants must fulfill particular criteria to qualify for a credit card.The bank disapproves applicants’ requests due to different reasons. One can visit the bank or call customer support to get the correct reasons for card denial.

State Bank Credit Card Application Status Customer Care Number


  • 1860 500 1290 (Toll Free)
  • 1860 180 1290
  • 1860 180 1239
  • 1860 180 1202, (Prefix local the STD code)


  1. After how long should I apply for a credit card after disapproval status?

The SBI allows users to re-apply for a credit card after three months. The applicant must fulfill all requirements according to the bank rules.

  1. What is the main reason to reject credit card requests?

The bank can reject your request if you have a bad credit score, your income doesn’t match the request or your age. However, the bank will provide clear reasons for rejecting the credit card request.

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