How to Unblock IDBI Debit Card Online, Go Mobile APP IDBI

Simple Steps to unblock your IDBI debit card. Unblock IDBI Debit Card online. How to Unblock IDBI Debit Card by Calling IDBI Customer Care, branch, Using Mobile APP (Go Mobile +APP).

Unblock IDBI Debit Card

The blocking and unblocking process was previously limited to the bank level, as cardholders had to visit their branch for help. Today, credit and debit card users can block or unblock their cards using various online and offline methods. The methods help curb any fraud or data leak to the wrong people. The blocking process is designed in two sections, temporary and permanent. The user has the privilege to opt for any based on reasons.

For lost/stolen and fraud cases, it’s advisable to block the card permanently to avoid any misuse. However, there are simple reasons such as card damage or travel which the user can close their card temporarily. The IDBI Bank, a renowned bank in India, offers multiple cards to suit each user’s needs. The bank registers millions of users yearly and provides a debit card facility to ease transactions.

The debit card helps fund transfers, utility bill payments, mobile recharge, etc. The cards are compatible with banking services such as net banking and mobile banking apps. The card has a block or unblocks feature to allow the user to keep the card safe. One can also enable and disable several IDBI Bank debit card services.

Ways to Unblock the IDBI Debit Card

  • By calling customer care
  • Using internet banking service
  • Visiting the bank branch
  • Mobile banking app
How to Unblock IDBI Debit Card Online
IDBI ATM Card Unblock Online

Required details for Unblocking IDBI Bank Debit Card

  • Registered mobile number
  • Internet banking service
  • Mobile banking app

How to Unblock IDBI Bank Debit Card Using Mobile APP (Go Mobile +APP)

Step by step to Unblock IDBI Debit Card using IDBI Bank GO Mobile+ app

  • Get the IDBI Go mobile +App on your smartphone.
  • Register and log in using the MPIN to access the page.
  • Select the “debit card” section and select the debit number you wish to unlock.
  • Click the “unblock” option to proceed.
  • The user can verify the request using an OTP code.
  • Once authenticated, the bank will unblock the service.
  • The bank will send an SMS to the registered mobile number. However, the process will take 24 hours to complete.

How to Unblock IDBI Debit Card by Calling IDBI Customer Care

Unblocking IDBI debit card by calling customer care

  • Using the registered mobile number, call the IDBI Bank toll-free number 18002094324 1800221070.
  • The user can also call the IDBI debit card number +912267719100
  • The call will be connected using the IVRS machine.
  • Proceed and enter your debit card number and PIN to verify the details.
  • After verification, select the “unblock IDBI debitcard” option.
  • The bank will receive the request and unlock the card within 24 hours.

How to Unblock IDBI Debit Card Online

Unlock IDBI Debit Card (ATM Card) Using Net Banking

Step by step for Unlocking IDBI Debit card (ATM Card) using internet banking

  • Visit the IDBI Bank internet banking portal link
  • Select the mails tab and enter the debit card number you wish to unblock.
  • Next, select the “send” option to proceed.
  • The IDBI bank will receive the request and unblock the card within 48 hours.

IDBI Debit Card Unblock by Visiting Bank Branch

  • Go to the IDBI main branch or nearest branch.
  • Request the bank executives to unblock your debit card.
  • Fill out the request form and attach the required documents.
  • Now submit the forms for approval. The bank will unlock the card within two working days.

Debit card users who wish to unlock their cards can easily use the methods above. However, cards blocked permanently cannot be reversed. The user needs to visit the bank for more help.

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  1. How long does it take to reactivate my IDBI bank debit card?

The bank takes one or two days to activate the card after sending unlock request.

  1. Can I unblock a permanently blocked debit card?

It’s challenging to reverse a permanent action. However, one can apply for a new debit card from the bank or seek help from bank officers.

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