How to Activate ICICI Credit Card, Pin Generate at Imobile APP

Activating the ICICI Credit Card online and offline. How to Generate ICICI Credit Card PIN Through Imobile APP. How to Activate ICICI Credit Card Via Net Banking, ATM, customer care

How to Activate ICICI Credit Card Online and Offline

The user should generate a secure PIN based on the banks or financial institution guidance to activate and utilise a credit card. The cardholder can opt for online or offline platforms to develop the PIN. After activation, the card is open to any financial service and compatible with different net banking or mobile banking facilities.

The ICICI bank India offers a variety of credit cards to all eligible applicants based on their needs. The bank designed the cards with different uses, benefits and features. However, all the cards need activation to function. Credit card activation is quite simple and requires details such as:

  • Registered mobile number
  • The Credit card number and CVV
  • Mobile app
  • Internet banking app

Methods to Activate the ICICI Credit Card

  • mobile banking app
  • internet banking app
  • visiting the ATM
  • Calling customer care.

How to Generate ICICI Credit Card PIN Through Imobile APP

Activating ICICI Credit card using a mobile banking app

The iMobile banking app is easy to use and available in all operating systems. The user needs to download and register their banking credentials to continue.

  • Open the ICICI mobile app and enter your user ID and password.
  • Proceed to the “service” option and select the “Card PIN services” tab.
  • Next, click the “credit card PIN generation” button and choose the card you wish to activate.
  • Now, key in your new credit card PIN and check the mobile number to proceed.
  • Review the details and select submit button.
  • The card is ready for use.

How to Activate ICICI Credit Card Via Net Banking

How to activate ICICI Credit card via internet banking service

  • Go to the ICICI internet Banking portal link
  • Enter your user ID and password to proceed to the account.
  • Go to the card sections and select the “credit cards” tab.
  • Next, choose the option “requests” > “instant PIN generation” to continue.
  • Create a new ICICI credit card PIN (four or six-digit PIN).
  • Re-enter the PIN to confirm and press the continue tab.
  • Review the details and select confirm button.
  • The system will send an OTP to your mobile number for the authentication process.
  • Enter the code to activate and complete the process.

How to Generate PIN for ICICI Credit Card Using ATM

ICICI bank has many ATM lobbies across India, making it easy to conduct offline banking services. A credit card user can activate or generate a card PIN at the ATM in the following steps.

  • Visit the nearest ICICI ATM and insert your card.
  • Choose your preferred language to continue.
  • The screen will display various options, select “create new ATM PIN through OTP.
  • An OTP will be sent to your mobile number; use it to verify the information.
  • Next, key in your preferred PIN and re-enter to confirm.
  • Review the steps and select submit tab.
  • The bank systems will send a confirmation SMS to your mobile number.

Activate ICICI Bank Credit Cards using customer care

Activating ICICI credit card using customer care contacts

The ICICI bank customer care desk is available and helps in different bank services. Anyone who wishes to activate their card can call 1800 200 3344. The IVR will help in activating and generating a credit card PIN. However, the cardholder should call from the registered mobile number with the ICICI bank for a successful activation process.

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  1. Can an ICICI credit card user change their PIN anytime?

Yes, card users can change their PIN regularly using valid bank platforms such as net banking, mobile app or visiting the bank.

  1. Can I block my credit card if lost or stolen?

The ICICI Bank offers several services to help in blocking ICICI credit cards instantly. The user can opt for a temporary or permanent blocking option.

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